Is the JobsPlusJobs portal free?

It is entirely free for jobseekers and employers may post a job for free as long as they have a working credit or debit card on file. Employers only pay $5 per application (PPA) received.

Does JobsPlusJobs offer an increased visibility for job postings feature?

YES we do! We offer Spotlight that only costs $1 per day per job posting which gives your job posting increased visibility so you can hire and recruit employees faster!

Is JobsPlusJobs limited to a certain area?

No! JobsPlusJobs can be used anywhere globally so register an account today!

How long does it take to register as an employer or jobseeker?

It can take as quick as 10 seconds!

Are resumes required to apply for a job?

No! Not all jobs especially entry level jobs require a resume, so you may apply for a job without having created a resume or having a resume on file!

Is there a chat platform on JobsPlusJobs once you register?

Yes! We have a chat platform in real time so you can chat with employers and jobseekers and ask any questions that you may have!

Can you follow a company once you register to get alerts about new job postings or updates to existing job postings?

Yes you can follow a company so you don't miss out! Register an account in as quick as 10 seconds to utilize this feature!

Can you like a job posting to get alerts about changes or filled positions for that job?

Yes this feature is also available for registered users!

Is JobsPlusJobs looking to partner with large companies?

Yes! Please reach out to us via phone or e-mail!