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Appen Butler Hill

Seattle, WA, United States

LLM Expert - Coding Domain Experience (US)

1-10 Years
$15 - $50 Hourly
Estimated Annual Salary: $31,200 - $104,000

Job description

Are you a highly skilled Large Language Model (LLM) expert with a strong background in programming/ coding and a passion for precision in writing? Do you possess exceptional attention to detail and thrive in a flexible work environment? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join Appen on a 6-month contractual agreement with a committed number of allocated hours per month agreed between both parties.

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Role : LLM Expert - Coding Domain Experience (US)

Experience : 1-10 Years

Location : Seattle

Job responsibilities and duties

Key Responsibilities:
- LLM Model Fine-Tuning
- Model Training and Evaluation
- Writing and Documentation
- Quality Assurance
- Collaboration
- Adaptability

Qualification And Skills

Skill : Coding, Programming, Career Driven, Motivated, Organized, Patience

- Coding Expertise: In-depth knowledge of coding concepts and programming languages, with a background in large language processing and LLMs.
- Excellent Writing Skills: Demonstrated ability to produce well-structured and articulate technical documentation and reports.
- Attention to Detail: Strong analytical skills and an unwavering focus on precision and accuracy.
- Flexibility: Availability to work part-time hours as agreed upon in the contractual agreement, with the ability to be called upon as needed. The position may be on-site depending on location or if agreed remote opportunity may be available.

Companensation And Additional Benefits Offered

Position Overview:
As an LLM Expert in the coding domain, you will be responsible for contributing your expertise to enhance the accuracy and performance of our cutting-edge language models. Your role will involve fine-tuning and training LLMs to perform at the highest level and ensuring that they meet specific coding-related criteria. This position offers you the chance to work remotely or onsite, providing your expertise on a flexible basis while being called upon as needed to fulfill a set baseline of hours.

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